Astronomers captured a new type of star that has never been seen before in X-ray light

Using ESA’s XMM-Newton X-ray telescope, a workforce of astronomers not too long ago studied an object at the start found out in 2019. At that time, the item was once discovered to have very top wind speeds.

Hot get started observations with a spectrum ruled through emission traces positioned on the middle of a round mid-infrared nebula. The widths of the emission traces suggest that wind subject matter leaves the star with an outflow pace of 16,000 kilometers consistent with 2nd and that fast stellar rotation and a robust magnetic box assist the wind acceleration.

The object referred to as IRAS 00500+6713 is a merger of two white dwarfs (WDs), consisting of a central star embedded in a round nebula.

In a new learn about, Lidia Oskinova of the University of Potsdam and her workforce studied the item, suggesting that the star is a new type of X-ray supply powered through the merger of two white dwarfs.

The above symbol presentations a new type of star that has never been seen before in X-ray light. The remnant of the conflict – the nebula – could also be visual in this symbol and is most commonly made out of the component neon (proven in inexperienced). The star may be very risky and can most probably cave in into a neutron star inside 10 000 years.

Astronomers famous, “This strange star formed after two white dwarfs – remnants of stars like our Sun – collided and merged. But instead of destroying each other in the event, the white dwarfs formed a new object that shines bright in X-ray light.”

Journal Reference:

Lidia M. Oskinova et al. X-rays observations of a super-Chandrasekhar object expose an ONe and a CO white dwarf merger product embedded in a putative SN Iax remnant⋆. DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202039232

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