Hubble snapped a cosmic cinnamon bun

Astronomers, the use of NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, have captured the faint galaxy known as UGC 12588, which lies roughly 31 million light-years away in Andromeda’s constellation. The galaxy is referred to as IRAS 23223+4104 or LEDA 71368, looks as if a Cosmic Cinnamon Bun- labeled as a spiral galaxy.

Unlike many spiral galaxies, UGC 12588 shows neither a bar of stars throughout its heart nor the vintage outstanding spiral arm development. Instead, to a viewer, its round, white, and most commonly unstructured heart makes this galaxy extra harking back to a cinnamon bun than a megastructure of stars and gasoline in area.

The large fingers and gasoline in UGC 12588 are very faint, undistinguished, and tightly wound round its heart. The clearest view of the spiral fingers comes from the bluer stars sprinkled across the galaxy’s edges that spotlight the areas the place new megastar formation is possibly going down.

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