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Air India’s Mumbai Control Centre receives hijack threat, airports on high alert

In New Delhi; On Saturday, the officials at Air India’s Control Centre received a threatening call to hijack all its planes. Following the call, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) got alert and ordered the CISF and the airlines to enhance the security and recheck all the safety measures; as reported by the officials.

A BCAS note says that “a telephonic message received by the station duty office, AI (Air India) AOCC (Airport Operation Control Centre) Mumbai, stating the information regarding a threat to Indian Airlines flight getting hijacked to Pakistan on 23-2-2019”. Additionally, the note revealed that APSU (Airport Security Unit)/ ASG (Aviation Security Group) and all the aircraft would adopt the eight measures with the immediate effects.

As the BCAS noted, the most important measures to be taken are as follows:

• Tight security controls to maintain the entry in the terminal building, airside with all other operational areas and aviation facilities.

• Enhancement in the protection to hold baggage, cargo, cargo terminal, catering, emails and so on. Serious surveillance by CCTV has to be taken in the terminal buildings and operational areas.

• Special screening for passengers, staff, and visitors has to be arranged at the main gate.

• Immediate action team and perimeter patrolling should be highly strengthened while strong-armed support has to be attained for manning of all cargo gates and entry gates for all the vehicles.

Besides this, Parliament has already passed the Anti-Hijacking (Amendment) Bill in 2014 for laying down new and strict protocols to deal with the hijackers of an airplane.

In one of the statements that the Central government released on December 3, 2014, all the offences related to hijacking will either face death sentence or imprisonment for life. Additionally, all the moveable and immovable property of the culprit will be liable to get confiscated, the statement added.

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