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Four members of a family found dead inside a house in MP: Police

BHOPAL: On Tuesday, the police officers found four members of a family including a woman and her 12-day-old newborn dead in their house in Bhopal. Reports say that the woman’s husband was found unconscious while her 40-year-old mother and 12-year-old brother were found dead.

The police while interacting with the news reporters said, at present, it is unclear that how they all died. The only survivor of the incident, Sanju Bhuria, was rushed to the hospital and is under treatment in a stable condition. Bhuria was a worker at a factory in Mandideep, 22 km from state capital Bhopal, the officers told media.

Local sources say that when the police officers reached the house, it was locked from inside and the family was using an angeethi(brazier). The use of angeethi inside the locked house is believed to be the cause of death of the family members due to suffocation. Besides this, some foam in the mouth of the bodies was noted, and injury marks on the hands of the woman were also seen. The post-mortem report will give a clearer picture, the sources added.

“They were using an angeethi, and the room was closed from inside, which suggested that the four deaths could have happened due to asphyxiation from the smoke,” police officer Monika Shukla said.

When reporters tried to reach the neighbours regarding the incident, the neighbours shared that they saw the family on Monday and when they were not seen the entire day on Tuesday, the neighbours reached their house to check on them. The neighbours told media that they knocked the door several times on Tuesday evening, but nobody responded.

The neighbours following the unresponsiveness of the family informed the police, who broke open the door and the whole incident came in front.

“No suicide note was found. The neighbours too have declined any family discord. We did find a sigri inside the room,” said Raisen Police Superintendent Monika Shukla adding anything that nothing can be concluded till the autopsy report is received.

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